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Sample Commission Agreement

Preliminary Design

Salvatore Ventura agrees to create the preliminary design(s) for the Work(s) in the form of studies, sketches, or drawings described as follows: __________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ in return for which CLIENT agrees to pay a nonrefundable fee of $500. upon the signing of this agreement. This fee will be applied towards the sale price and is nonrefundable. All design materials are the property of Salvatore Ventura and must be returned. Salvatore Ventura agrees to develop the preliminary design(s) according to the following description of the Work(s) as interpreted by Salvatore Ventura: ___________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

Title: ____________________________________________________________
Materials: ________________________________________________________
Dimensions: _____________________________________________________
Price: ___________________________________________________________
Description: _____________________________________________________


Upon CLIENT’s giving written approval of the preliminary design, Salvatore Ventura agrees to proceed with construction of the Work(s), and CLIENT agrees to pay the price of __________ for the Work(s) as follows: Fifty percent upon the giving of written approval of the preliminary design; and the balance upon completion of the Work(s). Sales tax and or shipping are not included in this price.

Date of Delivery

Salvatore Ventura agrees to complete the Work(s) within _____ weeks of receiving CLIENT’s written approval of the preliminary design(s).

Salvatore Ventura: _____________________________   Date: ____________

CLIENT: _____________________________________     Date: ____________ 



under $100      paintings      exhibitions      collections      bibliography      essay      museums
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